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My friend reminded me today that I hadn’t blogged for a while…… but I’ve been busy making jewellery! I have been working on some pieces for an exhibition “Downsizing” opening on 26 July at Pieces of Eight in Melbourne. The exhibition features the work of eight interior designers who have changed career and re-trained to become jewellers. This is my first exhibition since graduating and a new experience! I’m using a process I developed during my training which I used to make the ruff cuffs (see my gallery page) and I’ve really enjoyed seeing how I can use this technique in other pieces and how far I can push it. Inhabiting that zone between subjective and objective for a while and seeing what develops – this is what I really enjoy about jewellery making.

I also had a few days away with the family at Wye River on the southern coast of Victoria. We stayed in a beautiful house, big open fire and view out through the bush to the sea. Lovely. As I walked along the beach the pebbles, sticks and marks in the sand reminded me of Fred William’s landscape paintings. I also thought about how I could use this in jewellery. Of course I forgot to bring my camera so the image is only in my head…. but this is sort of what it looked like:

You Yangs (second series) Fred Williams 1968

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Belinda Esperson