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Edition X

For the past few weeks I have been spending every spare moment making editioned pieces of my collection for Edition X, Pieces of Eight Gallery’s new online shop to be launched at the end of this month. Have a look at the link which gives a sneak preview of a few of the pieces which look fantastic!

I’m contributing 6 pieces with editions of 10 or 5 – a total of 50 pieces of jewellery. It has been a new experience for me making so many editions of a single design. When working on my usual one-off pieces I always work in silence however I’ve found that in making these editioned pieces I’ve needed something to distract the mind. I’m not really into music (I tend to get the worst song of the day stuck in my brain repeating relentlessly over the next week!) but I do really like listening to Radio National current affairs/arts/books etc. on ABC radio. The other day I realised I could listen via my laptop (yes, I’m slow on the uptake when it comes to technology). So for the last few days I’ve been greatly enjoying working my way through the archives. Lots of ideas, lots to think about. And it has made me much more productive and made the task so much more enjoyable!

Once I’ve completed the Edition X pieces next week, I then need to do some more work on pieces for the galleries and shops who stock my work for the lead up to Christmas – including some new pieces for my webshop (yes, I haven’t been keeping that as well stocked as I would like….) And I’ve got some new ideas for some larger pieces that I can’t wait to test out…. but they’ll have to wait a while.

Very busy but all good.

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Belinda Esperson