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Continuing with my list of Copenhagen highlights – this gallery is also located in a leafy suburb just out of Copenhagen and easily accessible by train and bus. Ordrupgaard started out as a museum to contain an extensive private collection of Danish and French art in the collector’s large country house. It has since acquired a fantastic contemporary addition by architect Zaha Hadid containing a gallery for changing exhibitions and also a beautiful café. Recently the house of 50’s furniture maker Finn Juhl was acquired, which happens to be located on the edge of the museum grounds.

Finn Juhl’s house is a beautiful, humble classic 50’s Scandinavian house filled with his furniture and collected artworks (no interior photos allowed unfortunately). It had such a serene, relaxed feel to it – making me want to just sit down in one of the armchairs and gaze out to the garden through one of the many large windows. The rooms were not large but worked so well with many cosy places to sit. So simple and inspiring.

The current exhibition in the new Zaha Hadid designed building is by Danish artist Per Kirkeby focusing on Greenland including prints, collage and oil paintings. The paintings in particular were stunning.

After a great brunch in the beautiful café we looked through the old collection which was good but I admit that the highlight for me was the conservatory area which had been furnished with Finn Juhl ‘Pelican’ armchairs. They looked so amazing and were also so comfortable to sit in.

finn juhl pelican armchairs

Ordrupgaard is surrounded with extensive formal and natural landscape gardens – which my kids happily played in for the few hours we spent looking through the galleries. Well worth a visit if you have the time.

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Belinda Esperson