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Royal Copenhagen

Everyone has heard of the Danish porcelain company “Royal Copenhagen” – I suspect every Danish family has at least one set of RC china. I admit that in past visits to Copenhagen I had never actually gone into the RC shop – even though it is in a beautiful building in the centre of Copenhagen. Traditional fine china just isn’t my thing – I’ve got boxes full of old fine china inherited from grandmothers and great aunts that I never use because it just isn’t my style and more importantly, I can’t put it in the dishwasher.

This time however I couldn’t resist visiting the Royal Copenhagen store. All has changed. In the past few years a Danish/English designer Louise Campbell has worked with RC to bring the brand into the 21st century and make it relevant to contemporary lifestyles without losing touch with its long tradition and heritage – and the result has been a total transformation.

Several new product ranges have been introduced that play with the traditional RC patterns – rescaling and/or re-colouring them and introducing new shapes more suitable to current dining. My favourite is the ‘blue fluted mega’ collection by design student Karen Kjældgård – a re-scaling of the classic ‘blue fluted’ design in the classic blue and white that RC is known for. The designs typify the Danish style – a style reflected also in Danish fashion (my favourite is Day Birger et Mikkelsen) and jewellery – high quality, classic, delicate and feminine yet simple, functional and contemporary.

The other major transformation has been the merchandising of the pieces. Throughout the sales literature, store and in their beautiful windows, the china is shown in contemporary settings – casually lined up with juice containers and cans of tomatoes, piled with contemporary styled food, placed on rustic tables, mixed and matched with other settings. Absolutely fresh, beautiful and so enticing!


And it is dishwasher safe. Of course I had to buy a few pieces…… It is so quintessentially Danish and such an amazing and successful transition of a traditional brand. A great example of the value of good design.

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Belinda Esperson