Belinda Esperson


At a friend’s recommendation I went to see the RMIT Object based Practice Graduate Exhibition 2012 yesterday at the Victorian Artists Society in East Melbourne.

There was some simply beautiful work there covering both ceramics and gold & silversmithing. I particularly loved Lucinda Knight’s fragile and solid forms, Danica Moorcroft’s textural necklace in plaster and paint, Elise Sheehan’s collection of objects beautifully arranged and I enjoyed Esther Konings-Oakes’ collections of specimens displayed in an old specimen cabinet.

I also loved the simply design of the exhibition with each body of work being displayed on a whitewashed piece of furniture – such a simple idea that worked beautifully with the historic setting and highlighted the pieces.

And finally the catalogue was well produced, with the ceramics and metalsmithing each having their own separate books held together as a complete exhibition catalogue with a very robust rubber band secured by a notch top and bottom – very nicely thought through.

Well worth making the effort to see before 19 November.


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Belinda Esperson