Belinda Esperson


….yes, yes… I haven’t been blogging or pinning or stocking my online shop….but I have been busy!

I’ve been making some more of my rough Australian sapphire rings for CoTA/Metalab gallery in Sydney and I’ve also been working on these necklaces – an idea that has been rumbling around in my brain for some months and I’ve finally had a chance to see how it goes. I’m very very happy with the result. I love making these sorts of “bits and pieces” necklaces.

They are (as is much of my work) an impression of the dry Australian bush – the scruffy twiggy-ness, the dry leaves, the seed pods, the dry curled bark – raw, tonal, fragile, scruffy – and a word I heard today on the radio that resonated – brittle. And they make a lovely clackety sort of noise as they move. These are available at Pieces of Eight Gallery in Melbourne and Metalab in Sydney has one too. I’m looking forward to making some more and getting them professionally photographed (apologies for the quality of these shots!).

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Belinda Esperson