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Heide Museum of Modern Art – living in landscape

I’ve visited the beautiful Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen twice so far this year and even finally became a member to remind me to visit this lovely place more often. Given that it is only 10 minutes or so drive from my home (I could even bike ride there along the Yarra river) I have no excuse not to visit regularly. I have to admit that I generally don’t visit for the art – but rather for the stunning environment and in particular Heide II, the modernist house designed in the mid 1960’s by architects McGlashan & Everist.




It reminds me of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark that I have visited many times which remains my favorite place anywhere. I love the modernist architecture of both museums – both designed to sit comfortably in their landscape like sculptures in themselves.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a modernist house that this kind of architecture just puts me at ease, makes me want to find a corner to sit in and gaze out the window, dream, read a book – make myself at home. I love the strong connection the interiors of both have with the landscape around them – human scaled, beautifully textured spaces that are a backdrop to the view outside. I always feel so inspired and at peace with the world after visiting these two museums on opposite sides of the world.




Heide recently reissued the catalogue of an exhibition (I sadly missed) held at Heide in 2006 Living in landscape : Heide and houses by McGlashan and Everist. It is a beautiful publication featuring many photos of the construction of Heide II and its time as a home for the founders of Heide Museum, John and Sunday Reed.

I feel privileged to have such easy access to Heide and will be a regular visitor this year to drink in the atmosphere of this very special place.

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Belinda Esperson