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Indigo shibori

Late last year I finally got around to doing a workshop in shibori – the japanese method of tying and dyeing cloth – generally using indigo dye. I’d been meaning to try this for ages and a workshop came to my attention at The School run by stylist Megan Morton. It all just worked perfectly – I could visit my friends in Sydney for the weekend, learn shibori, check out the adjacent Koskela‘s beautiful shop and have a meal at the delicious Kitchen by Mike. Perfect!



The workshop was great – about 25 students all of whom shared a love of the colour indigo (what is it about the combination of blue and white that is so seductive?). It was such an easy and satisfying process and in just a few hours I finished a couple of beautiful silk scarves. I love that you are not really sure what you are going to get until the end – a bit like cutting snowflakes out of paper (which I find very addictive!)

I had visited a traditional indigo dyer in Kyoto and had been intrigued by natural indigo – the seething vats of dye – a living material that reminds me of fresh yeast in temperament. It has so much potential and I’m looking forward to trying out some ideas at home when I get some time.



The workshop was so well run by Joanna Fowles (see a review of her course at Design Files) – and the morning tea was outrageously delicious (courtesy of Mikes) and beautifully presented (that Megan Morton attention to detail….). In all a great experience and highly recommended!


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Belinda Esperson