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I have to admit that I’m both delighted and just a bit miffed that Scandinavian design (and all things Scandi) are so “in” at the moment. I have been obsessed with Scandinavian design most of my life – possibly because of my distant Scandi family heritage, possibly just because the principles of Scandi design so fit with my own philosophy “beautiful things for everyday use”, possibly because of the focus on natural materials, craftsmanship and simplicity.

The reason I’m a little miffed is that I have finally had the opportunity to work with an architect to design a Scandi inspired extension to our old house (hence the reason for my long absence from blogging) – but now it just looks like I’m following the latest design trend…..

I have more books on Scandi design than any other topic – including several that I can only look at the pictures of as they are written in Swedish/Danish/Norwegian. I even subscribe to the beautiful RUM interiors magazine from Denmark – I can read a few of the words – but mostly it is just for those beautiful images.

In 2012 when we lived in Copenhagen for a few months I found a fantastic new book on Danish 50’s modernist houses “Mesterv√¶ker” written in English by an American architect but only published in Danish! I contacted the publishers, tried to contact the author…but eventually just bought the sizable book in Danish for the stunning images. So imagine my delight when I was browsing through the NGV gallery bookshop the other day and came across the recently published English edition: “Landmarks – The Modern House in Denmark” by Michael Sheridan. So now I have 2 copies, one of which I am greatly enjoying reading. Every one of those houses truly is a masterpiece.







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Belinda Esperson