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Leaf necklace

sterling silver curled leaf necklace

I was looking through some images the other day and came across this sterling silver leaf necklace that I made a while ago for Galerie Hoff in Copenhagen. I was so pleased with how this piece turned out – with its fragile and ephemeral air. I love that smoky, dusty appearance that oxidised silver can have. Seeing this necklace again has reminded me I need to make some more pieces like this.

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vale pippin


Today we said a sad farewell to our friend of 13+ years. She will be much missed.

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Finally I’ve put some new stock into my webshop – some of my new 18ct gold plated pieces as promised.

I’ll also take this opportunity to introduce you to my “house model” pictured below, whom I use in the webshop to provide an idea of the scale of each of the pieces. She does an excellent job I think ;-)

banksia pod stud

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drawer layouts

Last year I bought some wide/shallow plan drawers from IKEA. They have been fantastic as they allow me to create layouts and group sources of inspiration without taking up bench or shelf space – and the contents can remain there dust free and undisturbed, ready to be revealed any time. On the spur of the moment I took these photos the other day of a few of the drawers  – no styling or preparation involved.


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I’ve recently been making some pieces in gold which is a new thing for me. I’ve discovered I really love the look of brushed gold – it gives it an earthy appearance that polished gold lacks and works beautifully with the organic forms of my work. I’ve also discovered gold plating onto sterling silver – which means I can make larger pieces that don’t break the bank. Here are couple of pairs of earrings I’m dropping into Pieces of Eight Gallery today and I’m all set to get some pieces into my webshop too.

pod stud earrings – 18ct gold plated silver


pod hook earrings – 18ct gold plated silver


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scandi design

I have to admit that I’m both delighted and just a bit miffed that Scandinavian design (and all things Scandi) are so “in” at the moment. I have been obsessed with Scandinavian design most of my life – possibly because of my distant Scandi family heritage, possibly just because the principles of Scandi design so fit with my own philosophy “beautiful things for everyday use”, possibly because of the focus on natural materials, craftsmanship and simplicity.

The reason I’m a little miffed is that I have finally had the opportunity to work with an architect to design a Scandi inspired extension to our old house (hence the reason for my long absence from blogging) – but now it just looks like I’m following the latest design trend…..

I have more books on Scandi design than any other topic – including several that I can only look at the pictures of as they are written in Swedish/Danish/Norwegian. I even subscribe to the beautiful RUM interiors magazine from Denmark – I can read a few of the words – but mostly it is just for those beautiful images.

In 2012 when we lived in Copenhagen for a few months I found a fantastic new book on Danish 50’s modernist houses “Mestervæker” written in English by an American architect but only published in Danish! I contacted the publishers, tried to contact the author…but eventually just bought the sizable book in Danish for the stunning images. So imagine my delight when I was browsing through the NGV gallery bookshop the other day and came across the recently published English edition: “Landmarks – The Modern House in Denmark” by Michael Sheridan. So now I have 2 copies, one of which I am greatly enjoying reading. Every one of those houses truly is a masterpiece.







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Indigo shibori

Late last year I finally got around to doing a workshop in shibori – the japanese method of tying and dyeing cloth – generally using indigo dye. I’d been meaning to try this for ages and a workshop came to my attention at The School run by stylist Megan Morton. It all just worked perfectly – I could visit my friends in Sydney for the weekend, learn shibori, check out the adjacent Koskela‘s beautiful shop and have a meal at the delicious Kitchen by Mike. Perfect!



The workshop was great – about 25 students all of whom shared a love of the colour indigo (what is it about the combination of blue and white that is so seductive?). It was such an easy and satisfying process and in just a few hours I finished a couple of beautiful silk scarves. I love that you are not really sure what you are going to get until the end – a bit like cutting snowflakes out of paper (which I find very addictive!)

I had visited a traditional indigo dyer in Kyoto and had been intrigued by natural indigo – the seething vats of dye – a living material that reminds me of fresh yeast in temperament. It has so much potential and I’m looking forward to trying out some ideas at home when I get some time.



The workshop was so well run by Joanna Fowles (see a review of her course at Design Files) – and the morning tea was outrageously delicious (courtesy of Mikes) and beautifully presented (that Megan Morton attention to detail….). In all a great experience and highly recommended!


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wrap ring

I found this image of one of my wrap rings (in 9ct gold) when I was looking for something else the other day. I love all the raw layers of metal together – it really does look so beautiful – even if I do say so myself!

wrap ring

wrap ring

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Heide Museum of Modern Art – living in landscape

I’ve visited the beautiful Heide Museum of Modern Art in Bulleen twice so far this year and even finally became a member to remind me to visit this lovely place more often. Given that it is only 10 minutes or so drive from my home (I could even bike ride there along the Yarra river) I have no excuse not to visit regularly. I have to admit that I generally don’t visit for the art – but rather for the stunning environment and in particular Heide II, the modernist house designed in the mid 1960’s by architects McGlashan & Everist.




It reminds me of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark that I have visited many times which remains my favorite place anywhere. I love the modernist architecture of both museums – both designed to sit comfortably in their landscape like sculptures in themselves.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a modernist house that this kind of architecture just puts me at ease, makes me want to find a corner to sit in and gaze out the window, dream, read a book – make myself at home. I love the strong connection the interiors of both have with the landscape around them – human scaled, beautifully textured spaces that are a backdrop to the view outside. I always feel so inspired and at peace with the world after visiting these two museums on opposite sides of the world.




Heide recently reissued the catalogue of an exhibition (I sadly missed) held at Heide in 2006 Living in landscape : Heide and houses by McGlashan and Everist. It is a beautiful publication featuring many photos of the construction of Heide II and its time as a home for the founders of Heide Museum, John and Sunday Reed.

I feel privileged to have such easy access to Heide and will be a regular visitor this year to drink in the atmosphere of this very special place.

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secret life of walter mitty

Hi there. Yes, it’s been a while since I posted here. Hopefully I’ll do better this year.

Just went to see “Secret life of Walter Mitty” at the cinema – beautiful film. A quirky story stylishly shot in full saturated colour so right for it’s reference to Time Life magazine – and the stunning scenery of Iceland made me feel I need to start ticking off my list of lifetime “must see’s”: 1. the magnificent Icelandic landscape while trecking on an Icelandic horse 2. northern lights and 3. see a big whale up close in the wild (within 10m – I’ve seen one about 100m from shore but my mind just couldn’t compute it as real). And maybe a fourth would be to see icebergs/flows/cliffs in the Arctic or Antarctic.

walter mitty

A good film to start the year with.


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