Belinda Esperson

I love the sculptural aspect of making jewellery – the making of each piece is a process of discovery.
It allows me to access that space that exists between the subjective and objective where creativity flourishes
and things happen and evolve without plan.

I have a background in design and find endless sources of inspiration in nature, architecture, art and everyday life.
I love testing forms and materials – seeing if a form will work structurally and aesthetically, whether the materials will respond as I expect them to and if not, devising ways to achieve the effect that I am after.
Much of my jewellery uses simple sculptural forms that highlight the intrinsic beauty of silver and reflect the simplicity
and beauty of many natural forms. I am particularly interested in the ability of silver to take on an almost paper-like
quality with forms and surfaces of apparent fragility and relative strength.

My pieces use the neutral, tonal palette of silver to reflect light and create shadows and contrasts within the simple
forms. I often incorporate humble found objects and fragments from nature, which by being presented out of context
and in contrast to the other materials, allows their essential beauty to be appreciated.
I am inspired by the quiet beauty of many natural objects and materials and a wish to draw attention to the beauty
of the humble, discarded and often overlooked. An appreciation of beauty is a core part of our humanity and our
ability to recognise the beauty in these humble objects, fragments and forms can provide us with a greater
connection to our natural environment.

I make jewellery to be worn and enjoyed every day.