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japanese and scandinavian design

Last year I visited Japan for the first time – the first of many trips I hope. I love the traditional Japanese aesthetic – the simplicity of line and form, the appreciation and respect for craftsmanship, the love of natural materials and their innate characteristics, and the celebration of the seasons. I see strong similarities between Japanese design and Scandinavian design (which I love) – and I think that the similarity lies in both cultures’ connection with nature.

Sometimes amidst all the modern buildings, hectic retail and general busy-ness of the Japanese cities this aesthetic can seem overwhelmed by contemporary culture – but then around the corner you come across a temple that is an oasis of calm and attention to detail, or buy some seasonal biscuits exquisitely wrapped or downstairs in a side street of a outer suburb you find a cafe of absolute perfection. Possibly the contrasts make the “finds” even more exciting.

I couldn’t resist bringing home lots of bits and pieces from my brief trip, many of which still sit on my desk – too beautiful to put away.

these are a few of the images I collected

I like the way they work so well with other bits and pieces – including my beautiful marimekko tray. See what I mean about Japanese and Scandinavian design? (click on the smaller images to see full size)

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Belinda Esperson