Belinda Esperson

meet moose

For some reason I seem to collect simple wooden animals.

This is moose whom I had always quietly admired at my grandparent’s house since I was a child. When my grandfather died while I was overseas several years ago, my parents somehow knew of my liking for moose and put him aside to give to me. Moose originally came from Canada in the 1960’s. His antlers are a bit battered and bits of them have been glued back on but his simple form is still so beautiful and captures the essence of the animal. The timber is very rough with the grain fully exposed, almost as though it were sandblasted. His friend in this photo is a bird designed by Bengt & Lotta. I think they look quite good together

Seal (or sea lion) also belonged to my grandparents and I think was also from Canada. Again the essence of the animal has been captured in the form however by contrast he is made from beautifully smooth wood that makes you want to stroke him.

These are two of my treasures that sit on a high shelf away from children’s reach and flying objects, but where I can can see and enjoy them daily.

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Belinda Esperson