Belinda Esperson

well that took longer than anticipated……..

…..thinking about what I wanted to share on this blog I realised that I needed to get a camera – as the i phone and cheap point-and-shoot just weren’t going to be able to do the job (with minimal fuss). So that lead me to researching cameras, finally purchasing a camera (of course they were out of stock so I had to wait several days) and then learning how to use the camera adequately. I love looking at photographs and even taking photographs – the framing aspect of it that is – but the technical side of photography just doesn’t interest me at all. So I’m really happy with the camera I chose (canon G12) which seems to know everything about photography that I don’t.

Anyway, what I wanted to start with is to show you some of the many things that inspire my work. My home is filled with lots of bits and pieces that I love looking at and have spread over just about every flat surface. This is frustrating because I love clear space and I hate dusting, but they are too beautiful to hide (and I don’t have enough storage anyway). Sometimes they just accumulate in convenient locations over time and I’ll suddenly stop and realise how beautiful all the individual pieces look together. Sometimes I will purposefully arrange them. What I find surprising and very satisfying is that although they have been gathered over a lifetime from far and wide they all sit beautifully together – and by changing their groupings different aspects of the individual objects are highlighted and can be appreciated.


a typical flat surface in my house – this one features a beautiful Mud Australia bowl given to me by my dear friend Kirsten

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Belinda Esperson