Belinda Esperson


After bidding a sad farewell to sunny Copenhagen, we arrived back in Melbourne a few weeks ago on a very cold bleak day to find our heating had broken down, our car wouldn’t start and the realisation that our house really does need some serious TLC. But it was nice to be home, to see our pets again, enjoy the view out to the garden and reacquaint myself with my studio.

In amongst my luggage – along with the stack of back issues of the stunning Danish interiors magazine RUM
(which I managed to track down at a flea market in Copenhagen) and the many art and architecture books I’d acquired,
I was pleased to unpack this little polar bear designed by¬†Ole S√łndergaard that I’d recently bought at Louisiana Museum of Art. Another addition to my menagerie of wooden animals I introduced to you in earlier posts. He sits comfortably on my desk next to some beautiful enamel canisters also from Copenhagen, in lovely Scandinavian tones of white and the palest grey and a brush from Swedish Iris Handverks – on some precious clear white space – simple pleasures.

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Belinda Esperson