Belinda Esperson

It may look like an insignificant scrap of silver….


…..but to me this represents a big achievement. After much research, effort and frustration I now have my very own fully operational sandblaster. This was my first test. I am so happy with the result and I can’t wait to try more.

So many things to learn in the process: different measures of rate of airflow, motor sizes, how a compressor works, basic maintenance, pro’s & con’s of differnt types of abrasives – and all this from several different (non jewellery) suppliers – which required me to connect all the dots. I am not a ‘natural’ with machines – I just want them to do what they are meant to do – always.

The sandblaster is currently taking up a large space in my small laundry – which is not ideal – but will do for now. It’s going to get plenty of use over the next couple months as I work towards my first solo show at Pieces of Eight Gallery in October.

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Belinda Esperson