Belinda Esperson

layers of silver

layered silver bracelets

I recently delivered several of these new sterling silver bracelets (and some rings) to Pieces of Eight in Melbourne and Courtesy of the Artist in Sydney.

banksia pod & layered bracelet

They are an evolution of the layered rings I made earlier in the year, inspired by the shards of shedding eucalypt bark and layers of leaf litter found in dry bushland. The use of piercing, referencing the blemishes and holes made by insects and other organisms, enhances the effect of the delicate layers of curling silver. I love that the pieces appear so fragile when in fact they are quite robust.

One of the challenges I find in making rings and bracelets is that their exposed surfaces polish due to the natural wear and tear they receive, losing their matte finish or any colour oxidisation I might add. However by incorporating creases and layers into the pieces, these areas retain their original finish and encourage oxidisation, so that over time the piece acquires a patina unique to that piece.

pods & silver layered bracelet, ring


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Belinda Esperson