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I’m back in Copenhagen again after 4 years – on my way to a casting workshop with Peter Bauhuis in Munich. Such a pleasure to see this beautiful city again and to catch up with friends. An enormous number of new apartments & townhouses have been built along the harbour in Islands Brygge. I am consistently impressed by the way in which so many of the buildings are beautifully designed to maximise light and a feeling space, an interesting use of materials and forms, surrounded by gardens with playgrounds and bikepaths to encourage a sense of community and a healthy lifestyle.

Several new bike bridges have been built across the habour since I was last here and they have had an enormous impact on connecting the city and opening up previously unused areas, including the popular Papiroen food/music venue in an old paper warehouse on the harbour.

I love the attention to detail, functionality, beauty and commitment to quality and longevity of design that so many of the building projects – both private and public – demonstrate, never losing sight of the impact that good design can have on quality of life.

This article from The Guardian is worth reading to learn just how close Copenhagen came in the 1960’s to destroying all that makes it today one of the most “liveable” cities in the world.

copenhagen sky

Love the grey blue tones…. everywhere here


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Belinda Esperson